Brains4Buildings Webinar #6: Fault Detection and diagnosis of the low AT syndrome

22 september
22 september 2022
16:00 tot 17:00
Soort: Online
Profielfoto van Mirjam Harmelink
9 september 2022 | 1 minuut lezen

Anand Thamban will present his recently finished research on Fault Detection and diagnosis of the low AT syndrome. The low AT syndrome is a phenomenon which affects the performance of the chilled water system in buildings, and if left unaddressed, can have a significant negative impact on the energy consumption of the system and human comfort. A fault detection and diagnosis tool which uses machine learning and Diagnostic Bayesian Networks can detect the low AT syndrome and diagnose the faults that cause it, providing early alarms, energy savings and better occupant comfort.

About the Brains 4 Buildings project: B4B is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder project focused on developing methods to harness big data from smart meters, building management systems and the Internet of Things devices to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, respond flexibly to user behaviour and local energy supply and demand, and save on installation maintenance costs.