Brains4Buildings Webinar #8: Prescriptive, Predictive and Preventive maintenance of rotating assets: the non building industry approach

24 november
24 november 2022
16:00 tot 17:00
Soort: Online
Profielfoto van Mirjam Harmelink
19 oktober 2022 | 1 minuut lezen

Brains4Buildings webinar: Prescriptive, Predictive and Preventive, maintenance of rotating assets: the non-building industry approach by Eric van Genuchten of Sensing 360

Rotating assets, like pumps, fans and turbines, are found everywhere. Allmechanical components will eventually break down, and this often happensat inconvenient moments. Apart from unplanned downtime and cost, theenergy waste due to inefficient operation is huge. In this webinar, insightswill be given into sensors and methods used in the wind, marine and food industries to prevent unplanned downtime, increase availability and reduce energy wastage while simultaneously optimizing their operation.

About the Brains 4 Buildings project

Brains 4 Buildings is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder project focused on developing methods to harness big data from smart meters, building management systems and the Internet of Things devices to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, respond flexibly to user behaviour and local energy supply and demand, and save on installation maintenance costs.