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48th CIB W062 Symposium conference |29 - 31 august | Leuven, Belgium

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20 februari 2023 | 1 minuut lezen

The 48th CIB W062 Symposium conference will start on the 29th till the 31th of August 2023 in a hybrid meeting in Leuven, Belgium. This year’s Symposium will be hosted by Buildwise, a Belgian collective research organisation active within the construction sector. Water supply and drainage is one of the many research subjects within Buildwise.

Beside the main topics of water supply and drainage, this year’s Symposium will focus on 3 major topics:

  1. Domestic hot water and energy conservation
  2. Hygienic water quality
  3. Water conservation and re-use

In 2017,  TVVL hosted this international symposium. The organizing commitee consisted of couple members from the 'TVVL expertgroep Sanitaire Technieken'. 


  • Conference Dates
    August 28-31, 2023
  • Call for Abstract
    Start From the 31th of March 2023
  • Deadline of Abstract
    18th of April 2023
  • Confirmation of acceptance of abstracts
    Middle of May
  • Deadline of Full Paper Submission
    30th of June 2023

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